Boost Your Business Branding by Graphic and Design Brisbane

As we know the design has the power to take your business to the next level from food and beverage products to the international companies. It is important to have the right design. Branding therefore improve your business by using the right design services. With the support of experience in design and reliable worker, graphic design brisbane offers design services for corporate or personal needs. The design services include the manufacture of web design, graphic design, brochures, catalogs, letterhead, souvenirs, company profile, and other advertising needs.  (more…)

Amazing Ai CS6 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

For you graphic designers who are also a big fan of Adobe Illustrator, you must have been enjoying their sophisticated product, Creative Suite 6. No wonder, this vector graphics editor has always been one of the best from Adobe series of graphic editor. However, for you who like spending a lot of time using this software, a shortcuts cheatsheet is a must have companion. Moving flexibly without a mouse is how you should do to enhance your productivity. Do not worry, Zerolag is always put graphic designer on their mind. (more…)

Social Media and SEO, the Products of Internet Technology

Internet is providing various opportunities as well as creating various solutions for common human problems like simpler communication and simpler information sharing. The use of internet for sharing information and having interactive exchange of information provides various functions like creating online public database or encyclopedia as well as providing more information access from the internet users. Today, social media is already being the part of human life for communicating and acquiring information. The use of internet for exchanging the information creates new opportunities in delivering certain information like publicity or promotional messages. (more…)

Using Social Media for Business Activity

Technology is creating more opportunities and develops new methods and strategies in doing various things. Business is one of the most affected fields by the development of modern technology. Internet is an important invention that changes the human behavior especially the users of this technology. Communication is one of the most important services delivered by internet technology. The creation of social media is intended for simpler communication and exchange of information. Today, it is one of the most common methods to share information and doing direct communication using internet technology. Internet forum and social blogging are the early stage of the development of social activities in the online world. Other practice of information exchange and distribution is the presence of online encyclopedias. (more…)