Building a Website that Will Never Crash

You may be creating a brand new website or re-designing a current site. One of your primary concerns during this process will likely be building a website that will never crash. A crashed website immediately loses business and can cost you money immediately. However, it can also damage your company’s reputation which will cost you a substantial amount of money in the future. There are two primary reasons why a website crashes: coding that is unsecure or unstable and a faulty hosting account.

While there are other reasons a website can go down, the vast majority of outages and downtime websites experience are due to one of these two reasons. If you truly wish to build a website that will never crash, you need to spend the money required to have secure coding and a reliable hosting plan.

Use Secure, Professional Website Scripting

Every website on the internet is scripted. This means that it operates based on a program that was written by the web site developer. Even websites that simply make use of website design software are actually created by a script running on the back end. This means that your script is, quite literally, the only reason your website is online.

Many people use website design software, or take a few lessons and try to code the site themselves. While these methods may work temporarily, they will both be susceptible to a host of issues. A skilled hacker will make short work of the script security, and increased demand on the website can cause the code to cease to function.

Invest the funds required to create a secure, professional website. You will more than likely need to hire a professional website developer with a proven reputation for establishing stable websites. There is no shortage of website designers and programmers that can be contracted for a single job. Hiring a professional will guarantee that the end result will be more stable and less likely to crash.

Find the Best Cloud-Based Hosting Available

Cloud-based hosting accounts make use of recent advances in computing technology. Instead of storing your website on a single server that is susceptible to a host of issues, an entire cluster of servers will be responsible for your data. The CPU, storage, RAM and bandwidth will all be handled by the entire cluster. This means that if a single server goes down, its responsibilities are simply re-allocated to another server.

Some companies, such as, even offer redundant server collocation. This essentially means that your website will be hosted in two or more different datacenters. If an entire datacenter happens to go down, your website will still remain online due to the second or third locations that were unaffected.

Your Website Never Needs to Crash

If you employ a professional programmer that creates secure code, and hosting your website with a reputable cloud-based hosting provider, there is no reason why your website will ever crash. While other issues do occur and you may experience slight downtime, faulty coding and unreliable hosting providers are the two biggest reasons for a website crashing. Cover these two areas and you’ll be ready to have a website that becomes known for always being online.

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