The Next Wave of Hosting Solutions

Technology is changing every single day. When you purchase a new computer or any type of computerized device, there is a newer, better model that shows up on the market the next day. This is just how things work. The same goes for software design and computer services like web hosting.

Over the years, web hosting has grown by leaps and bounds. At first, businesses were not so sure about the Internet. There were some that jumped into the Internet idea head first, and there were some that decided it would be a better idea to wait and see what happened when the dust settled. This gave some businesses a huge head start.

As more businesses started to take to the Internet and more Internet based businesses were born, the need for better web hosting solutions started to become apparent. The few current web hosting models that were available were not the greatest in every situation. You had web hosting solutions that could provide your business with everything that it could ever want, but the downside was a very steep price tag. The price for this type of service may not have always been justified.

The other solution was the only real low cost alternative, but it had a downside as well. The low cost alternative meant that businesses would have to share all of the resources on one computer. This could cause major problems if one website suddenly needed more resources than another. This meant that every other website on this server would suffer. This was not always the greatest solution. There needed to be something else. There needed to be a hosting solution that could grow with a business, was affordable, and would not require sharing of resources.

That is where cloud hosting servers came in. This new type of hosting solution broke all of the traditional hosting barriers. Businesses that chose to use this type of hosting solution could finally make use of an affordable web hosting solution that was fast and reliable.

Cloud hosting allows a businesses web assets to grow and scale as they need to. Sudden spikes in traffic would mean that a computer would need more resources to handle to traffic. With cloud hosting, resources are added on as they are needed. A cloud server might pull more memory from a pool of memory in a different location, or it could pull more computing power from a different location. These tasks are what has made cloud hosting so popular.

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