About Wowza Media Systems

The advancement in technology offer many features that we need in daily activity. One of the features is the ability to streaming easily everywhere and every time. If you need media server that work professionally in this sector, than you have to meet Wowza. Wowza Media System LLC is a company that located in Evergreen, Colorado, USA. This is a company that works in media server software. This company is build by two genius man. They are David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good. They found the company in 2005. The reason why they made this company is because there is need for people to make disruptive products in media server market.

After that, they work hard to make this company and finally the company is launched successfully in 2007. It is a work hard that we should appreciate it. As the first project, Wowza made alternative way to use Adobe Flash Media Server. The advantage of the project is the cost. It has lower cost than the regular process. And then in 2009, Wowza introduce media server called Wowza Media Server 2. It is a media server that compatible in any platforms. The function of the media server is to add streaming support in devices.

Wowza Media Server 2 is popular in any devices. It can be used in any devices, such as Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), Android, Blackberry and other smartphones and tables. Not only that, Wowza Media Server 2 also compatible in Microsoft Silverligt, Apple QuickTime and many more. And then, Wowza make upgrade from Wowza Media Server 2. The upgrade is called Wowza Media Server 3. They launched it in 2011. Many people said that this media server is the future of media streaming software. Many upgrades have been added in it. It provides a single extensible foundation. It also useful in add value of the component for any screen delivery.

Now, the latest media server from Wowza is Wowza Media Server 3.5. It is a solution to deliver audio and video content in a high volume. Then it delivers the content to IP networks, so you are able to access it from your devices, such as desktop, mobile phones, tablets and many more. It is useful in storage and management expenses, such as radio and television broadcasters. You can save your money in streamline workflows that work better. Even now you can find that the software have been used for more than 120.000 licenses and all of them are in more than 150 countries.

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