Social Media and SEO, the Products of Internet Technology

Internet is providing various opportunities as well as creating various solutions for common human problems like simpler communication and simpler information sharing. The use of internet for sharing information and having interactive exchange of information provides various functions like creating online public database or encyclopedia as well as providing more information access from the internet users. Today, social media is already being the part of human life for communicating and acquiring information. The use of internet for exchanging the information creates new opportunities in delivering certain information like publicity or promotional messages.

The presence of internet forum and social blogs are the beginning of social interactions conducted on the internet. The development of technology and new communication concept create social networking sites and also virtual global games. This situation creates new methods and strategies in business to occupy internet functions for business activities. Marketing is one of the most affected business activities with the presence of internet and the social relations conducted on the internet. The new marketing methods and strategies like seo are designed to target internet users as the target market. This method is about improving a product or brand’s visibility on the internet on the searching engine result made by certain keywords related to the promoted product.

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  1. anu says:

    great and very informative post thanks for sharing….

  2. Ravi Singh says:

    yes ,,these are most importent products of internet……………

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