How to Avoid Looking Silly on Social Media

Social media has completely revolutionized the way people meet, connect and stay in touch. When you meet a new person, it’s become incredibly common to ask for their social media profile instead of their phone number! This means that it has become incredibly important to not look silly on social media. It has become your internet presence, which is broadcast to everyone you know. The vast majority of social media is text based, which means that your writing is the main way that you represent yourself online. Learning a few basic tips and resources can help prevent you from looking silly on your social media profile.

Practice Basic Proofreading Skills

In a text based world, proofreading what you write is crucially important. Not only will miss typed or poorly worded sentences lose their meaning, they might make you look downright foolish. The below few proofreading tips will help you avoid looking silly on social media:

  • Read it Aloud. Simply taking a moment to read your content to yourself can make quite a big difference. You may notice that your sentence simply sounds strange, or that you used the wrong word.
  • Use Online Tools. Since you’re on the internet anyway, why not make use of the numerous resources at your disposal? Take a few extra minutes before you publish your comment/post to run your message through a grammar checktool online. This will help catch any grammar mistakes you were about to publish.
  • Consider it Twice. In the early days of social media, you could say anything you like without fear of repercussions or it impacting your real life. However, social media has become so integrated with our normal lives that you never know how your friends and family might react next time you see them. Take a moment to think before you post.

Simply taking a few moments out of your day to proofread and consider your social media interactions will help you appear more intelligent, friendly and professional. With the integrated nature of social media, it is well worth your attention.

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